Thursday, March 19, 2009


From West Coast Choppers...“In an effort to focus 100% of our talent, facilities and resources on manufacturing the worlds finest motorcycles. Effective immediately West Coast Choppers will no longer sell parts to the public. Effective 3/13/09 all orders and Po’s will be canceled. With exception to orders that were prepaid. These will be filled in a timely fashion. El Diablo’s, CFL’s, and Dominators will all be available as complete motorcycles only. WCC will also continue to customize Harley Davidson’s on a limited basis for select dealerships.“Jesse James is back to building motorcycles at West Coast Choppers”. I will have my hands on every motorcycle ordered. West Coast Choppers will continue to lead the way by focusing on customer service and superior quality. Thank you for your business and continued support” Jesse James, West Coast Choppers, 718 W. Anaheim St, Long Beach Ca. 90813. (562)983-6666

Sarah's ride is coming along

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

kustom kurse

Matt sprayed the sealer and color Sunday.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Matt's bike is about done

Great job

Chunks trip to the Hoedown

HotRod Hoedown

The HotRod HoedownWords: ChunkPics: Chunk February 21, 2009 was the date for the show out in North Houston. So Saturday morning about 7:30 me and my best girl set out in the '29 model A with my pal Bull following us. Bull's '46 ford isn't quite ready yet, so he took his SUV. Since I have gone far in the '29, he asked to take one of my gas cans for me...just in case. So a quick gas up and down the road we went. Got to I-10 and my shitty air cleaner started to get loose, and one of my radiator support rods came loose as well. So another stop little fix here and we're off again. Smooth sailing... til we get to the top of the Trinty River bridge and lose power. O FUCK, no shoulders at the foot of the bridge due to the road work for about a half mile after that. She comes to a stop down at the bottom and I am checking everything but nothing is working. Traffic is backing up to the to the bridge, 18 wheeler squeese by at top speed, people honking, giving me the finger. Finally, I find a blown fuse. Bull doesn't have any. We're looking for any thing to stab in there. Minutes seem like hours. My girl is doing the best she can to flag people around and hoping to God that me and Bull don't get smashed. Finally, I cut some extra wire and stab it in and we're off. Pull over to another store to get some more fuses and talk about what just happend and catch our breath. O.K. down the road again, about 20 or 30 miles. The old truck feels like it's in second. So I thought I be slick and slip it in drive, and slipped it into reverse at about 65mph. She goes side ways, smoking tires, trying to avoid the wall, steering left and right. Thank God there wasn't any one next to me. I get her back in gear, and we're good for now. It's not even 9 in the morning yet, what the fuck. Now we get to the next bridge and blow another fuse. This time I got back up, and Rachel is changing them out just a fast as she can. Everytime I hit a bump, one goes. I make to the next store get more fuse, tape, and an overpriced foreign-made pair of pliers. We find the short, re-route a wire, and now we're good to go. No more proplems, just dealing with Houston's shitty roads. We get there. Thanx for putting up the "car show" signs, guys. Without them, who knows where we would of ended up.Show time. Pay my dues, and they park me right next to the DJ both. Hey, it was kool music. Big E putting out the best of rockabilly and psychobilly, but man with a 15'' speaker all the way up, right next to your head, nothing sounds good. Do a little walk around, look at what's there. Not much but it still early, so let's get a beer. As the day goes on, so do the rides: bikes, sleds, hot rods, street rods, muscle cars and rats, or death traps, as I like to call them. So a lot of the regulars, like the the Highway Horrors, the Outcast, the H-Bombs and who could forget about those Hellions, who put on this great event. One of the Hellions came up to us and shot the bull for a awhile. I asked him if this was going to be a annual event. He was still in shock about how this one was turning out. Now they called for a chance of rain today, and you can see it coming. It rained for a good 20 minutes, and then it cooled off real nice. But then again it never did get real hot. They picked a good time of year to do this show. There was plenty of covered parts, so no one had to get shocked. As we hung out under one of the pavillions, some street rods pulled the rides under and pull out their shammies. Now this is always funny to me, but what I saw next topped them all. Some older lady, was pulling in her '70s model Mustake to get out of the rain, but as she is doing this, she's smoking a cigarette in her car. All I could do was laugh. The rain cleared out and the show went on. The MMA fights were so-so, but the bands were great. My fav was Reno Divorce, who came all the way from Denver, Colorado. Lots of kool trophies were handed out, and nice little pin-up contest was held. It was getting late, and we had a hour or so drive ahead of us, so we took off. The show was damn near over when we left, and there were pepole still coming in. After that rain passed it brought a cold wind, so on a new route home, it was a fight to keep her straight in that cold, cold wind. And you remeber that gas can Bull had in his SUV? Well it spilled over when we showed up that morning. So all day a little drip was going in the car with the windows up. Poor old Bull, after driving him to drinking this morning, now he's got to drive all the way home with the windows down, no jacket, and the smell of gas. Well we make it home with no prolems, a little cold, but good. So you my be asking yourself, after all of that is he going back next year? You're God Damn Right.Chunk,Mad Greaser