Monday, July 27, 2009

Killer website

Matt got interviewed by Scratch and his car videoed for this website at Billetproof this past weekend.I don't think his car is on the site yet but go check it out.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Man you need this

73 Norton Commando 850 Cafe Racer
Engine decarboned,new rings,cylinders honed,rebuilt heads,rebuilt carbs
$6,000 Email with questions

For Sale

Pete got his Ford back and now its for sale again.
54 Ford customline 2dr
I build this car a few years ago,sold it to some guy,he didn't finish paying for it and gave it to his friend,that guy did a bunch of shitty body work to it then wrecked it.I got it back and now its for sale again.
So keep in mind all my repairs are about three years old.
I welded all the trim holes,replaced all the window regulator wheels so all four go up and down smooth.Repaired all the wiring,brakes and bearings all the way round. Converted to 12v,Sealed the gas tank.
Interior is in fair shape just dirty.
That's about all I did to the body.I wanted a solid running everyday driver.
239 Y-Block.Still runs great,has low miles
Complete rebuild,30 over pistons,Clay Smith cam for a 272 Y-block with the journals cut down to fit the 239,Grooves cut in cam journals and cam plate to help oiling,
Holes drilled in block next to lifters to help oiling,oil overflow tube plugged to help oiling,crankshaft turned 30 under,new oil pump,heads rebuilt, leveled and gasket ported,rebuilt water pump,12v gen,electric fuel pump,set of Reds headers dump into open lake pipes,Edelbrock 3 deuce intake running two rebuilt Holly 94s with vintage speed block plate on the third port.
Ford 3 on the tree tranny
New throwout bearing,clutch and pressure plate,Resurfaced flywheel
Ok now the bad stuff
Front in is wrecked on the drivers side,three of the four side glasses are cracked,lots of bad bondo(the body wasn't in bad shape they tried to fix rust with body filler),Rust in many places at bottom of body and drip rail.
New radiator(Missing),Lots of crap wiring,door rubbers are shot.
$2,000 Email with questions