Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Times

The Mad Greasers First Surf Trip. Well not much on hot rods in this story but a dam good time and kustom life style none the less. It was to be a 3hr tour to the spot.... but turned into 3 & 1/2 to 4hr, do to our quest for the big cans of Fosters beer. After finding the booze, the lovely Houston traffic and a quick pit stop or two we had made it. Friday night got checked in and off to one of the best steak houses in the world. Stuffed the faces and made a stop by the tattoo shop and talked to our buddy Rev. Scott and got lined up for Saturday night, tattoo night. Saw some other friendly faces and we were asking about the beach and surf. Now them not being surfers or beach guys by far we got word that the beach was trashed, had to have a permit to drive on the beach, and no surf. Saturday morning with our directions, and a permit we took off. Found it with no problem checked out the pier. I guess our buddies have not been there in a while. Nice clean beach, clean surf small but looked good, even a spot to shower off. If this is trash it was the nicest trash I ever seen. So we decided to go down a little way to get away from the fishermen. With signs of warning of bad rip and undertow we headed out. Once again if that was there idea of bad rip, I'll trade for that any day. Got some good rides in and we said lets go ahead and try out the pier. When we walked down to the water with no one in the water and not many on the beach there was a sign that said no swimming 50-2000 dollar fine. Well we are not swimming we are surfing. Some older lady walked by and we asked what's that about she said ( It's not a big deal its really to scare folks , so kids dont go out. The water clams about 10 a year out there.) So out we go, much nicer by the pier 2-3ft ride coming in, no rip just having fun. About 10am more people showed up with kids and in to the water they went. A group of other surfers showed up and I thought o good here we are in new waters now here come the locals rule thing. But they were really cool and not even locals. They a drove down from Houston and said this was the place to be for surf. Cool rode some more and headed back to town for the pain. That night was a good time getting some of the best ink around. Scott was pumped about doing cool tats for cool kats. Love getting tattooed by Scott a true blue collar worker. As soon as he's done with one tattoo grab a quick smoke and right back at it. The night rolled on the good music, the sound of a tattoo machine going, and talk of the surf today.When can we come back? And we will come back because Pete's got to get his chest peace finished o yeah and the surf. P.S. You all may be asking where is all of this tacking place ? A smart surfer never gives up a good spot. Chunk

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Matt is selling his bike call him at 409 466-7355 he will give you all the details and will work with you on the price it is a must sell so give him a call its a killer bike.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Post Ike Meacom's

A contractor out at the beach the other day scoping the pier said he was hired to remove all the old pylons.Old timers surfed this place for decades and I fished here when I was a kid.Wont be long and an old neat place will gone for good.

5:30 am Vodka Anyone ?

Pre surf