Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chunk & Racheal's Japan Trip


Moon Japan

Mooneyes Japan Pics

Mooneyes Japan

Chunk's Japan Trip

I just got done putting a photo album together of my trip to Japan. Tow weeks ago my girlfriend gave me my birthday present. A ticket to Yokohama for the Mooneyes 18th annual hot rod custom show. After driving a hour and 15min to work and putting 8hrs at night then the hour 15min dive back home. A quick shower loaded up our stuff in my pal's truck and back to Houston (another hour and half). We get to the airport, the plane takes off at 10:45am Friday and this being a first time to go anywhere and on a plane it was going to be a trip. Not bad a flight take off was awesome but after the first 10hr I was ready to get off. With maybe a hour of sleep on a 14hr fight we landed in Japan at 5:10pm Saturday then a 2hr bus ride to Yokohama. Got checked in grabbed a bit to eat and we hit the hey, tomorrow was going to be a big day. Bright and early Sunday show time. A 3 block walk to the show with choppers and customs passing me, my best girl at my side, nice weather, it was going to be a good day.We get to the show 30mins early and there was a line as long as the building. Some Mooneyes rides out side the event staff supporting killer Mooneyes jackets. I couldn't wait to get in or believe I was here. As some as we got in it was already packed around the front of the guest to drive there cars and bikes in. We got as close as we could and waited. Then the bay doors opened about 100yr down I could see headlights and here the motors revving. Down they came first off was the yellow coupe and my dream car the black 55 chevy from American Graffiti the real ones not replicas. Then Billy Gibbons rolled down in his Mexican BlackBird built by the boys at So-Cal Speed Shop. A killer Chevy gasser came next fallowed by a one of a kind kustom. Then the boys and there bikes came in. with people like Cole Foster, Cutty of Hippy Killer, Tom Foster and many others. Walking around I couldn't stay focused on one thing there was so much and I didn't want to miss anything and I know I didn't see it all. Looking at some of sickest bikes I ever seen and wicked kustoms it was hard to believe that this was Japan. Big name walking around like Pizz, Weenzer, and Hawleywoods Barber Shop just to name a few you knew this was a big event. The show was more of a bike show now don't get me wrong there was plenty of rods there and some awesome muscle cars. But the bikes were every were I've nerve seen so many pan heads in one place, Triumphs galore, some new school choppers and lots of 70 style choppers. Walking around the venders area I show some bitching stuff, nice close but my big Texas ass couldn't fit in most of it. And some really kool models and sculptures the best ones were done by this guy Head-Rock I didn't even ask how much there were (I'll get one one day) check him out at Next to him was Monster Farm need I say more In the back there was a Dickies both they were flying of the shelf unreal. Outside the show was a show of it's own. Bikes rolling by clubs hanging out drinking. Having a Jap beer and a open face sandwich I could here Japanese, French, American, and Swedish people all were for the same reason. Looking and the bikes outside you knew that all those rides in side were ment to be driven on just for show. For a one day show only from 9-5 there must of been 13-15 thousand people go threw there. The hole thing was unreal I still can't believe that I was there. If you can go one year do it. It will change the way you feel about our kulture and local rod show. I would send a very special thank you to my girlfriend Rachel. Without you that would of still only be a dream I love you.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


You are a lucky motha fucka. Have a great trip to Japan remember to soak it all in, its a trip of a life time. Fuuuuck your lucky damn.

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